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Convent of Cimiez

LE COUVENT DE CIMIEZIn 1543, after the destruction of their convent of Saint CROIX (where the Marble Cross is now) by the Turks, the Brothers Mineurs Observants of Saint FRANÇOIS MOVED into a special home in the lower part of the town.

On the 15th November 1546, Benedictines of Saint Pons let them have an old chapel dedicated to Notre Dame with adjacent lands in exchange for the gardens of the convent of St CROIX.

In 1644, the east wing with double rows of cells was built.

On the 21st September 1660, lightning destroyed the convent’s bell tower which would be repaired in 1662.

Thanks to donations by Jean Paul CAISSOTTI, Count of RICAUD, MASSOINS et TOURNEFORT, a 3 arched portico was built which we can see today following its restoration in 1846.

In 1663, a bell dedicated to the Virgin MARY was put in the bell tower.

In 1681, sacristy and library were set up.

In 1700 another wing of the Cloister was finished on the south-side.

In 1716, the west wing was built.

In 1739, the 4th wing of the great cloister on the north side was erected.

In 1758, a noviciate was installed on the second floor.

On September 29th 1793, the Church and the Convent was pronounced national property and seized.

In 1816, 2 years after the return of Nice to the House of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel the First authorised, by decree, the restitution of the convents and reintegration of the clergy.