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Fire of Nice’s great theatre (opera) du 23/03/1881

The theatre was created in 1766 by Marchioness Alli MACCARANI, who obtained the right to run it for 20 years. It was bought back in 1789 by a society of noble niçois called ” quarante nobles “, who wanted to rebuild the theatre. This project was abandoned due to the French Revolution which affected the county of NICE in 1792.

Badly run and dilapidated, the town obtained this theatre and built a new one in 1826, on the same site, according to the plans of the engineer BRUNATI, under the direction of the architect BERUTO . It was finished in 1828.

A fire destroyed it on the night of a performance of Lucia DI LAMERMOUR, the last performance of Bianca DONADIO and the new ballet by VERA.

This fire claimed 46 victims.

In memory of the victims, a cenotaph is to be found at the in entry of the castle cemetery.