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Siege of nice by Barberousse’s fleet

LE SIEGE DE NICE PAR LA FLOTTE DE BARBEROUSSEIn May 1543, NICE saw along its shore the famous fleet which, having spared or avoided GENES, surrendered in Marseille, recently allied with, His Holiness the king FRANCOIS I.

It would reappear in VILLEFRANCHE in the ” baie des anges ” on the 15th August 1543, according to the Admiral of the flagship JURIEN DE LA GRAVIERE, strong with 110 galleys, 40 galleons, 40 Turkish mahonnes, accompanied by 22 French galleys of the duke of ENGHIEN, commanded by the provencal Antoine ESCALIN from the village of LA GARDE, called Captain PAULIN. They had Provencals and Gascons on board.

During the siege, Duke ENGHIEN, commanding the French army, went to Saint Pons’convent and stayed there until the lifting of the siege.

It was on this occasion, according to legend, that Catherine SEGURANE distinguished herself on the ramparts of the town by striking a blow to a Turk with a laundry beater, taking his standard and haranguing inhabitants of NICE who took the offensive again in order to defend the town.