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The ABBEY of Saint Pons

L'ABBAYE DE SAINT PONSThis abbey was founded in 775 by the bishop of NICE, SIAGRUS, with subsidies supplied by CHARLEMAGNE, turned over to the Benedictines, endowing it with great possessions and putting it under the rule of Saint Benoit.

CHARLEMAGNE lived here in 777 and in 800 when he went to Rome in order to restore Leon III.

Destroyed by the moors in 890, rebuilt in 999 by FRODONIUS, bishop of NICE, it was then used by various religious orders.
The Turks devastated it in 1543.

In 1789, it was converted into a military hospital to receive the wounded of the Italian army.

In 1835, his lordship GALVANO, bishop of NICE, rebuilt its walls and put in the OBLATS de MARIE. Enclosure was made larger and the church was repaired.

This church as it stands dates from 1724.

In the XI century, the abbey owned vast lands reaching from the Paillon to Sainte Marie de Cimiez church, and the abbots held the title of Counts of Cimiez following the donation in 1004, by Odila MIRON, of lands which she owned on the CIMIEZ hill.

Behind the church, on a hewn rock dominating the Paillon, Saint Pons suffered martyrdom and pious Christians, on the place of his torture built a chapel.

“De la Roque’s” church at ROCCASPARVIERE owned Saint Pons’relic, a niçois martyr who is remembered on November 19th.