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The Pont-Vieux

Pont-Vieux NicePont Vieux, whose foundations were very old, stood between Pont Neuf and the suburb of Saint Jean Baptiste, also called the “Bourgada”.

It seems probable that a bridge built in the same place already existed in 1250, because in a donation act, passed between Benefactor Auger BADA and the monks of Saint François, giving them land on which to develop their convent, it says this gift of land was adjoining to the donor’s mill “Near the Bridge”.

Pont Vieux, named also Pont Saint Antoine was washed away by a sudden rising of the Paillon in October 1530, resulting in serious damage to many homes and gardens. It was rebuilt in 1531 and 1532 according to the plans of an engineer, Amédée BESTEN.

It suffered diverse damage during the course of many centuries, among other things the siege of NICE in 1543 by Barberousse’s fleet, allied with Duke ENGHIEN, and was always repaired and improved. It disappeared definitively in 1921 during the covering of the Paillon.

Pope Pie VII, during his visit to NICE, crossed Pont Vieux on the 9th February 1814, with faithful people of NICE, going by Pont Vieux street to the Cathedral.