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Firms in difficulty

Strongly implanted in the french economic fabric the Group Pierre Botto offers its customers a European and international competence through a multidisciplinary team dealing with legal and tax cross-border nature records on a daily basis.The approach of the Group Pierre Botto is to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and discretion with business leaders. The Group assists executives and businesses during crisis periods that include rupture of solvency of the company.

Our skills

Prevention of the difficulties & restructuring

Under collective backup, recovery and liquidation procedures, the Group Pierre Botto assists, represents and advises leaders and associates both in their dealings with the courts as organs of the procedure.
We support the leaders in the procedures related to the financial difficulties of the company:

  • Preventive procedures: ad hoc mandate, conciliation
  • Legal and tax during the observation period interventions
  • Prevention of the difficulties of the undertaking, enterprise restructuring
  • Assignment by a group of its stake in a firm in difficulty, liquidation of the undertaking
  • Defence for the recovery of complex debt, enforcement and implementation of security procedure
  • Backup, recovery and liquidation
  • Development and structuring of continuation or transfer plans
  • Negotiation with creditors (debt restructuring, moratoria etc.) and establishment of the refinancing agreements
  • Extension of the procedure to the leader, personal bankruptcy, the debts obligations.
  • Negotiation with the social partners
  • Assistance to firms in difficulty under LBO

The Group Pierre Botto intervenes as Council (including intervention, assistance and fiscal representation), with the assistance of our partners.

  • Selection, preparation and implementation of the procedure
  • Assistance during the observation period
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of the plan of backup or continuation plan
  • Negotiating with creditors, and establishment of agreements
  • Assistance with regard to aspects of social law
  • Management of the problems related to the potential of the company listing
  • Negotiation in bonuses, restructuring of liabilities, equity restructuring
  • Referral CfSC, mediator of the credit referral, mandates and conciliation procedures
  • Assistance for the company in all stages of backup procedures, of receivership, liquidation

We are witnessingboth medium and large groups in all sectors of activity and the public and private institutions, local communities and individuals.

In a context of profound failures, businesses must reinvent their economic and business models. The Group mission is to to assist companies in their complex prevention and restructuring projects, in order to offer the solution best suited to the current problems. Many companies do not take full advantage of the process of risk management and GPB Board is there to help them the best in their growth.