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LThe Group Pierre Botto implements his team and intervenes according to the environment specific to the commercial challenges of each business sector and company. In a climate of profound disturbances, companies and public organizations think to redesign their economic and operational model. The mission of Pierre Botto Group is to support management teams in their complex transformation projects and improvement of the performance.

GPB advisory differs from all other market players by a multidisciplinary global integration and sectoral expertise. With 25 years of experience in audit, legal and tax advice as well as the accompaniment of transaction services operations in France and abroad, GBP advisory has become an international reference and shows, since 1989 a strong growth.

GPB council is distinguished from all the other actors of the market by a multidisciplinary total integration and a sectoral expert testimony. Extremely 25 years of experiment in the audit, the legal advice and tax as well as the accompaniment of the operations of transactions services in France and to international, GBP council, became an international reference and knows, since 1989 a strong growth.

Our expertise

GPB advisory, offers a range of sectoral and operational expertise. The advisory department offers four services that are strategic consulting innovation consulting, management consulting and consulting in financial services.

  1. Strategy Consulting

    • Analyze markets and consumer behavior
    • Assist in the creation of value for growth projects
    • Develop and implement sustainable growth levers
    • Investment Strategy and Financial Engineering
    • Structuring of investment financing on property development
    • Review of Research Tax Credit
    • Operational consulting for public contracts funding
    • Predictive analysis and modeling

  2. Management Consulting

    • Accompanying the evolution of business models and major transformation projects.
    • Improve the operational performance of key functions, risk control
    • Organization and processes to improve performance
    • Post-merger integration / acquisition
    • Performance of financial functions
    • Financial modeling, public infrastructure project financing
    • Optimization of the flow of goods
    • Post-acquisition Integration assistance of a leasing network

  3. Consulting financial services

    In a context of profound breaks, opportunities that define the financial services sector require proper vision. Our expertise is based on our ability to develop multidisciplinary international teams to provide a global perspective. In accordance with the large groups of economic industries such as asset management, investment banking and capital markets, investment funds and private equity, we offer consulting, auditing, taxation and law and transactions.

    Anti-money laundering

    • Consulting in quantitative analysis and market risk
    • Credit risk
    • Operational risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Management of economic capital
    • Business cash service