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Public-private partnership

GPBBoard control due to its strong experience of 25 years, new forms of PPP, after be involved in from large national infrastructure concessions. The term “public-private partnership (PPP)” recent use, covers very varied terms of realization and management of infrastructure, equipment or public services. In PPPs, GPB-Council master experts on different legal and tax aspects in relying on a thorough knowledge of administrative law and tax law of innovative financing techniques.With 25 years of commitments to actors in the public sector, the pierre Botto group is today a recognized firm for its expertise in contracts and public procurement and public-private partnerships (PPP).

GPB-Commission contributes particularly in the areas of public works, infrastructure, major equipment, transportation, energy, health or even in the areas of justice, education, housing.

Our skills

GPB-Council offers a complete service throughout the projects

  • DSP: Delegations of Public Service (concessions, leases)
  • BOT: Built Operate Transfer
  • BEA & BEH: emphyteutic administrative & leases emphyteutic hospital
  • AOT – LOA: rental with purchase Option and permissions of temporary Occupation of the public domain
  • Partnership contracts
  • Global procurement
  • Complex contractual schemes
  • Structuring contractual and financial
  • Transfers and acquisitions of project companies
  • Refinancing of assets.
  • Construction and operation of infrastructure

GPB-Council is distinguished by its understanding and experiences of each sector of the public market. Thanks to its international network and its close collaboration with partners GPB-Council has developed a multidisciplinary approach that brings new financing solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

  • Development of the consultation papers
  • Establishing the specific of tender procedures
  • Structuring consortia and project companies
  • Elaboration of contracts between the various actors
  • Financial project structuring
  • Tax optimization.

GPB-Council customers are public authorities, multilateral international agencies, industrialists, the investment funds and lenders for the structuring and negotiation of project and funding documentation. GPB-Council accompanies them throughout the phases of audit, screening assessment, negotiation and drafting of contracts.

The extensive experience of the Group Pierre Botto in the Council of the full range of market participants means that experts are able to anticipate, and especially to understand the issues and problems that arise during a project and find constructive solutions to them. The complexity of issues relating to public-private partnerships requires the establishment of structured teams legal & tax. GPB-Council customer benefits from the multidisciplinary know-how by combining the expertise of specialists in public law, private law and taxation affairs.