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Taxation of individuals

Cabinet Pierre Botto studied all cases (particular, leader, employed or retired) and responds to complex tax issues that may have a significant impact on personal or family heritage.

Whether it is a question of earningscapital gainstransmission, the wealth tax (ISF)… it is fundamental to appropriate tax choices.

Our skills

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  • Mutation for remuneration rights: Publicité foncière Taxes, sales of old buildings, transfers of business, sales of new buildings which already support the VAT on real estate; enrollment in the conservation of such mortgages mortgages; Purchases for resale by a dealer, etc.
  • Rights of mutation for free: successions, donations, transmissions of individual companies or shareholdings in companies, manual donations.
  • Rights for registration of legal persons: transactions carried out by companies, foundations, associations and strategy, assignment of social rights, mergers, acquisitions, demergers, partial transfers of assets.
  • Wealth tax: study and analysis of records entering the scope and the base for the tax, assessment, professional goods exemption, tax credit…;
  • Gains real estate and securities;
  • Land revenue (RF);
  • Income from movable capital (RCM): dividends, melding…;
  • Taxation of expatriates;
  • Remuneration of the officers and employees;
  • The tax shield.

  • Consulting, consultations, training
  • Assistance in the drafting of various printed materials and/or statements
  • Assistance of businesses and individuals in control and/or Administration recovery procedures
  • Assistance and study of rectification, verification of statements, request for information from the tax administration, contradictory of the personal tax situation (ESFP) review
  • Assistance and representation before the advisory bodies (Commission départementale de Conciliation - Advisory Committee for the Suppression of the abuse of rights)

Individuals are subject to different taxation on their income and in terms of their heritage. The Group Pierre Botto advises thus on optimizing your tax situation personal and professional and assists for the income tax return or tax of solidarity on fortune ("FSI"). The Group Pierre Botto accompanies you on issues related to your situation.