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Transfer pricing

Companies in growing their competitiveness at the global level international business by sharing their ideas, products and services. Today, companies are evolving in an environment of unprecedented complexity. Diversity and the increasing volume of intra-group operations and regulations on transfer prices accompanied by a proliferation of cross-border flows, were made by transfer pricing a major issue of taxation to the measurement of the internationalisation of business.

Our skills

  • Assistance and advice to multinational companies and large groups in the field studies planning and optimization, strategic, reorganizations analyses economic, audit price of transfer, impact of the policy adopted in the field of VAT etc.
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Planning and documentation of transfer pricing
  • Negotiations with the administration, advance pricing agreements
  • Conflict resolution services: review, defence and mutual agreement procedure / competent authority

  • Our experts are equipped with practical experience of taxation custom high quality and help multinationals to integrate tax and organizational planning. Our teams offer a scalable and sustainable optimization services to enable business leaders to make decisions more effective taking into account tax implications.
  • Multidisciplinary teams working with us (partners, lawyers, tax consultants and accountants) or the free choice of your Board, at the service of the client combining all tax and legal office skills, in a context where collaboration is leading.
  • Our experts offer practical solutions as a strategic approach to documentation of transfer pricing allowing global groups to achieve their goals of operational planning and international tax planning.
  • Our teams include specialists in recourse to the competent pricing from the two countries involved as well as professionals who specialize in indirect taxes, provincial or state taxation, international taxation and the calculation of interest for payments out of time who necessarily affect any settlement.
  • Full integration of the economics through financial experts with international experience allowing us to intervene on questions relating to price transfer, assessments and the management of international projects as well on a European context that American or Asian.

We accompany the multinational French abroad as well as foreign groups implanted in France, in the following sectors: textile, automotive, luxury goods, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, high-tech, clothing, packaging, e-commerce, the health sector, the sector of the Council.

The Department of transfer within the Group Pierre Botto pricing is designed to help companies reduce the risk by harmonizing practical solutions with their operating activities and their global goals transfer pricing; propose strategic advice bid to support their transfer pricing practices; and resolve conflicts efficiently.The cabinet is composed of national and international tax specialists. The team is led by an expert tax doctor of law, which is intended to be the main interlocutor of the client.