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The new guidelines European VAT and the various national laws transposing these directives into local legislation, are applicable to all the strategies of company – investment policy, trade policy, export policy. These laws involve major changes to all stages of internal development or external to the company. VAT is a tax field full that requires legal and fiscal skills special. .

Our skills

The new rules are complex, but the Group Pierre Botto accompanies you and you Board in the following areas:

  • Indirect taxes and VAT management
  • VAT on intra-Community transactions, exports
  • Location of settlements
  • Real estate, promotion, property dealers
  • VAT on banking and financial transactions
  • VAT on insurance operations
  • VAT on e-commerce
  • VAT on public bodies and local communities
  • VAT on non-profit organizations
  • VAT of the special arrangements: agriculture, products tankers, press, recreation providers, transportation, etc.

  • Our expertsare recognized and our reputation appreciated before the administrative courts; our opinions are heard by the authorities of the Administration both in the management of a tax control for the determination of application solutions negotiated
  • The sustainable success of companies passes by compliance with regulatory requirements increasingly numerous, and the maintenance of a trust environment.Ensuring independent audits, the Group Pierre Botto meets the needs of transparency and reliability of financial information, providing a strong and clear vision to companies and individuals
  • The Group Pierre Botto is designed to put law and taxation at the service of the economic ambitions of companies using a systematic approach to prevention and analysis of tax risks by prior diagnosis.
  • Companies like public organizations must reinvent their economic and business models. The Group Pierre Botto accompanies all of the management of the dispute with management teams in their complex processing and performance improvement projects.
  • Companies who are now fluent in their international development, by the overall consideration of all the implications of VAT on the flows of goods and services safely. The Group Pierre Botto helps you optimize the strategic management in an economic context particularly complex.

We assist clients (major groups, SMBS) in the following sectors: industry and services, agri-food, financial, real estate, high technology, health & pharmacy, retail, oil & gas, automotive & luxury as well as local communities.