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Family Office

We identify the best financial strategy to achieve our business objectives. Planning for the future and the unexpected. Providing the financial advice and expertise the need to make key decisions. Our team has the know-how and expertise to provide full support.

  1. Exclusive, highly personalized investment support

    A client needs a personal investment portfolio that reflects his circumstances, wishes, plans and risk appetite. We can help him define and manage his portfolio. Alternatively, if he prefers to be actively involved, offering expert advice so he can take full decision-making control.
  2. Investment advice & hands-on management, private equity & hedge funds

    Supporting client’s investment strategy

    Whatever are the objectives, we can be your perfect investment partner. Whether it is about strong ideas about optimal investment strategy or want to rely on the expertise of a reputable financial company as GPB We offer :

    • Best-in-class investment ideas that match the client’s risk appetite.
    • A strong track record in analyzing financial markets and setting the appropriate investment strategy.
    • A client-focused multi-channel approach, so clients can contact us how and when they want

  3. An advisory role built on hard-earned trust

    We must earn the client’s trust first in order to successfully support the investment strategy. We do this by listening closely to ensure we fully understand their needs, perspective and opinions, and what drives them. Building on this information, our advice may include:

    • Selection of appropriate investment opportunities.
    • Monitoring progression of financial objectives.
    • Managing and monitoring performance and risk in portfolio.
    • Alerts, portfolio reviews, dedicated research and many other services tailored to the needs.

  4. Discretionary portfolio management

    Delegate management of your investment portfolio to our professionals We manage investments to meet financial objectives, as well as our own investment processes. Offering you:

    • Personal investment advice.
    • Portfolio management within your clearly agreed parameters.
    • Specialists who listen to and understand the family’s financial priorities.

  5. Portfolio specialists focused on client’s investment needs

    Delegate the management of all or part of client’s investment portfolio to our team of specialists with state-of-the-art professional investment knowledge in all relevant fields, including:

    • Wealth management.
    • Portfolio management.
    • Managed accounts.

  6. Investment funds

    We maximize portfolio returns; our independent fund selection team is one of the industry’s most experienced. We can provide :

    • Open architecture, accessing to the best performing funds.
    • Investment decisions underpinned by multiple macro- and micro-economic indicators.
    • Continuous critical re-evaluation of the quality and suitability of our selected funds.

  7. Dynamic fund management with solid decision-making

    Open architecture, quality research and astute judgement combine to give access to a wide range of best-in-class funds and leading external asset managers, including:

    • Investment categories, such as regions, sectors and investment styles.
    • Expert’s knowledge covering every relevant specialist area.
    • Investment funds to index funds, mutual funds to sustainable funds.
    • Understanding exchange traded funds.
    • The optimal balance : active vs. passive, index funds vs. ETFs, ETFs vs. active funds, etc.

  8. Hedge funds

    Using hedge funds can help to diversify client's portfolio and get more out of capital, with attractive risk-to-return ratios, as part of a balanced investment strategy. We select the right hedge funds based on:

    • Matching investment needs, ambitions and risk appetite.
    • A rigourous selection process by our team.
    • Strong operational due diligence processes.

  9. Wide investment choice

    Our wide range of hedge funds includes:

    • Traditional offshore hedge funds.
    • Alternative investments.
    • Specific funds on a private placement basis.
    • Managed accounts and onshore registered funds.

  10. Structured products

    • Solutions with a range of risks, from capital protected to leveraged risk.
    • Access to any market and asset class including equities, interest rates, Forex, commodities, hedge funds, etc.
    • Hybrid solutions based on multiple-asset classes.
    • Click-and-trade solutions.
    • Access to less liquid and/or accessible markets via an approved underlying universe.

  11. Treasury and special products

    We help clients to create the strategy to fit their liquidity management and Forex requirements, and risk appetite. After defining the initial strategy, we monitor and advise on market fluctuations, investments and hedging of currency exposure to improve client’s returns and portfolio diversification.

    • Dedicated team of product specialists with strong markets background.
    • Direct market trading access, offering immediate pricing and execution.
    • 24-hour execution coverage in a broad number of products.

  12. From Forex to fiduciaries and spots to swaps

    Our specialist knowledge and access to market research and technical analysis ideally equips us to advise clients on a broad range of products, including:

    • Spots, forwards and swaps in foreign exchange and precious metals.
    • Forex margin trading
    • Over-the-counter plain vanilla and exotic options.
    • Listed securities execution: bonds, equities and funds.
    • Tailor-made structured products linked to Forex, interest rates and equities.

  13. Research & strategy

    Our research analysts offer strategic advice to help identify optimal investment strategy for both traditional and alternative investments. Our offering includes:

    • Clear signals to actively guide client’s asset allocation strategy.
    • Focus on risk management and strong governance.
    • Large team of senior in-house investment specialists.

  14. Experience and expertise

    Our global team of experts provide strategic and tactical advice on a range of asset classes, such as:

    • Traditional classes — foreign exchange, plus a wide range of bonds and equities.
    • Alternative investments — real estate, hedge funds and commodities.

  15. Commodities

    As a leading global player in energy, commodity and trading (ECT) financing, we share our insights into the general commodities market, its sub-sectors and specific commodities. We identify a clear direction within a wide assortment of best-in-breed investment products:


    • We can support client’s needs with global capabilities.
    • Expertise in a broad spectrum of commodities from agri to crude oil to precious metals.
    • World class research capabilities.
    • Funds can be supplemented with structured products geared to specific investment needs.

  16. Raw materials

    Our specialist fund research department’s approach ensures our offering remains best-in-breed:


    • Select best-in-breed investment funds.
    • Continuously screening and monitoring the universe of commodity funds available.
    • Amending our funds assortment as-and-when new funds show best-in-breed performance.