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Who are we ?

The Pierre Botto Group firm



        he Pierre Botto group is an independent economic consulting firm          financial and tax optimization. The firm's strategy is based on a          promiscuity with the obstacles of the customers, which made it possible to build a methodology and an expertise based on a better understanding of the complexity of the worlds of finance and economy. This approach is based on an in-depth study on a case-by-case basis for each client.

The ambition of the Pierre Botto group is to provide its clients with greater acuity with regard to changes in finance laws, and thereby deduce the opportunities and risks in order to optimize the client's potential gain. The services offered by the Pierre Botto group are based on both expertise and methods of transversal analysis of issues developed since the end of the 1980s.

For 25 years, the Pierre Botto group has been established in the business and financial law market. Our values of excellence, trust and respect, allied to our business model are the very essence of our evolution. Our regional presence makes GPB Conseil the ideal partner for these dynamic companies and entrepreneurs. Our proximity, the excellence of our services and the quality of our services, position our firm at the very heart of our clients.

Mobilizing human capital is the best working method, putting our energy for the benefit of the growth of the companies we support is our daily experience. Each client is a favorable moment for the emergence of new opportunities. Behind the customer hides The Man, who is at the heart of our concerns. Attract, develop loyalty, promote professionals, allow them to flourish on the French Riviera, bring them the development they expect, give them the means to invest.

In a rapidly changing environment, the GBP Consulting businesses have asserted themselves as a significant player in the market. Our performance is the result of constant diligence in the face of the challenges facing GPB Conseil.

Driven by this dynamic, we are pursuing our policy of specialization and the development of sectoral skill centers and we remain constantly attentive to market developments. The latest creation of the financial services pole illustrates this desire.

More than ever, GPB Conseil's primary mission is to establish a long-term relationship of trust with our customers. Our international development policy is coherent and ambitious, it is defined by our key drivers which are the search for growth and the creation of value.

“In all financial affairs, it is very important to have the strength and, above all, the time to wait, the time to develop a strategy. "

The price is what you pay for. Value is what you get.  Warren Buffet

“Our ambition has a future! "

Pierre Botto
Founder and Manager of the Firm

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