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The Tritons fountain


in the place Saint Jean Baptiste, in front of the Royal College held by the RRs. PP. Jesuits (site of the current MASSENA high school), the city had a fountain erected supplied by the waters of a source, known as Fresh Water, which arose not far from the Place d'Armes in the district of "Aubre »(Lower Tree).

This fountain was named “Fontaine Marie Christine” in honor of the Dowager Queen, wife of Charles Félix.

It represents four tritons with interlaced dolphin's tail supporting a marine conch carved in a group of white marble, probably due to a Greek artist.

This is a donation made to the City of NICE by the Chevalier Joseph BREMOND, Second Consul of NICE. This fountain was previously located in the gardens of the ARSON family who owned large estates near the square that currently bears their name.

Tradition has it that this sculpted group was sent from MALTA by the Grand Master LASCARIS to his parents who then owned the land of RIQUIER, which was subsequently acquired by the ARSON family.

Currently this fountain is in the Albert 1er garden facing the rue Saint François de Paule.

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