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he Capuchin Fathers erected, in 1552, a monastery in St BARTHELEMY under the auspices of the bishop of NICE, François LAMBERTO, and built, in 1555, the church (which still exists today) after this bishop had planted and blessed the cross and laid the foundation stone.

This church, built on the ruins of an older church, came under the monastery of Saint PONS and was placed under the title and patronage of St BARTHELEMY, apostle. It was given to the Capuchins by the Reverend Abbot of the Abbey of St. Pons, martyr of the order of St. BENOIT (the Benedictines).

In 1620 the convent and the church were enlarged.

This convent had no income and the land was donated by various benefactors devoted to the Capuchin religion. Madame Marguerite de France, Duchess of SAVOIE, bought part of it and had, in 1560, assigned 60 gold crowns from Italy for payment. She also gave a silver chalice.

The Capuchin Friars Minor were poor, living on alms, wearing the robe of brown bure and required to pay, to the monastery of St. PONS, an annual fee for a charge of water. They received, in exchange, a load of wine.


The Convent of Saint Barthelemy

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