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The siege of Nice by the Barbarossa fleet


n May 1543 NICE sees the famous fleet parading in front of its shore which, having spared or avoided GENES, goes to MARSEILLE as a recent ally of the Very Christian King FRANCOIS I.

She was going to reappear in VILLEFRANCHE and in the Baie des Anges on August 15, 1543 strong, according to the evaluation of Admiral JURIEN DE LA GRAVIERE, of 110 galleys, 40 galiotes and 40 Turkish mahonnes, enlarged by 22 French galleys of the Duke of ENGHIEN ordered by the Provencal Antoine ESCALIN from the village of LA GARDE, known as Captain PAULIN. They had on board Provencal and Gascon.

During the siege, the Duke of ENGHIEN, commander of the French army, settled in the convent of Saint PONS and remained there until the end of the siege.

It was on this occasion that Catherine SEGURANE distinguished herself, according to legend, on the ramparts of the city, by knocking out, with a beat of a hammer, a Turkish man, taking his standard from him and haranguing the Nice people who took over the fight. offensive to defend the city.

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